About Us

As the impact of public policy on FM in Europe continues to grow the industry must increase efforts to deliver information and industry perspective to decision makers and ensure than our members are appropriately apprised of policy changes with the potential to affect them. As policy decisions in the EU are driven by multi-national coalitions it is essential that Europe’s leading FM organizations work together to represent the whole of the built environment, advocate for common sense policies and provide information and industry perspective to inform policy decisions.

The shared goal is to introduce facility management and to help decision makers and stakeholder appreciate its importance.

The first step in the development of common sense public policy is to foster an understanding and appreciation of the role of FM. Therefore the initial goal of the EU FM Coalition will be to introduce FM, help decision makers and stakeholder groups appreciate the role of facility management professionals in operating and maintaining high performance buildings and to let them know the leading FM professional associations in Europe are working together towards common goals.

This understanding can be realized through regular meetings with Members of the European Parliament (EP), Commission and Council. INTEREL Brussels, serving as consultancy to the coalition, will arrange meetings, monitor policy, make regular reports, assist in drafting policy documents and serve as representative of the Coalition and the built environment in Brussels. Having built an understanding of the process and recognition of the profession, the Coalition can more effectively play a role in policy discussions including those surrounding, energy, water and workforce.

Member Organizations*

  • IFMA (including chapters in Spain, Sweden and Switzerland)
  • The British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM)
  • The Romanian Facility Management Association (ROFMA)
  • The Bulgarian Facility Management Association (BGFMA)

Supporting Organization

  • EuroFM

*This is an early and growing list. All FM industry organizations operating within the European Union are encouraged to join.