Workforce Development

Thursday, May 8th, 2014

In creating and maintaining high-performance buildings capable of significantly reducing energy and water use while promoting worker health and safety, a well-trained facility management staff is an essential element. Hiring and training professional facility managers ensures a working knowledge of industry trends, best practices and that building systems continue to perform as intended.

As the European Union continues to drive towards the goals of the Europe 2020 Energy Directive there is an increased emphasis on aligning skills and training with future workforce needs, youth employment and worker mobility. The Build up Skills Initiative and the Youth Skills Initiative are two programs aimed at achieving these ambitious goals.

BUILD UP Skills is a new strategic initiative under the Intelligent Energy Europe to boost continuing education and training of craftsmen and other on-site construction workers and systems installers in the building sector. The ultimate aim is to increase the number of qualified workers across Europe to deliver renovations offering a high energy performance as well as new, nearly zero-energy buildings. The initiative addresses skills in relation to energy efficiency and renewables in all types of buildings. Facility Management must necessarily be part of this conversation.

Similarly, the youth skills initiative which seeks to reduce unemployment and provide training for younger persons which aligns with the employment needs must provide information about FM related fields for young people making career choices. The Coalition can position FM as a quintessential green job capable of delivering high wages, reliable employment, position mobility and a positive impact of building performance.